The foundation of the complex is a pile (drill-in pile 620mm.), Bound with a grillage-monolithic reinforced concrete slab. Concrete of class C 20/25 (B25); W4; F50. Armature working class A500S; constructive class A240C.

The frame of the house:

monolithic reinforced concrete.


External - energy-saving, aerocrete blocks Aerok 300 mm thick with external insulation and ventilated facade; internal inter-apartment - Aerok thickness, 250mm and 350mm; partitions interior - Aerok, 120mm.


Hinged ventilated system (composite panels and mineral wool insulation), the first floor - granite.


Monolithic reinforced concrete slabs in a single frame scheme, 200mm., Concrete class B25.


Flat with mansard floor and internal drainage system

Security Systems:

The system of fire-fighting automation and alarm systems, external and internal video surveillance systems, video intercoms. The territory of the complex is protected, the system of "closed courtyard".


Installation of 3 lifts for each section with a carrying capacity of 630 kg and 1000 kg, manufactured by Schindler (Switzerland).

Filling openings:

Entrance doors to the house - metal, shockproof with intercom; Internal doors to apartments - metal, with a wooden cover, a sealant and noise insulation. Fireproof and shockproof. Windows in apartments and loggias are metal-plastic, energy-saving with double-glazed windows.

Internal finishing works in the apartments:

Apartments without finishing works


Wiring to the apartment with the installed meter. Arrangement of illumination by a cable channel on ceilings.

Water supply and heating:

The water supply system is autonomous, with the housing of LPE pipes of the KAN-therm system, Kaiflex insulation.

Heating system - autonomous, horizontal, two-pipe, plastic pipes PE-Xc KAN-therm. General house counters with the possibility of additional establishment of individual meters in the apartments.

Ventilation system:

By apartment with natural air movement and smoke removal system from public places.

Common areas:

The floor, walls and ceiling of the lobby, corridors, stairways, vestibules - in a modern design with all the finishing works, painting and decoration.


Outdoor lighting: light fencing and decorative lighting according to the project.

Roads, roads - asphalt concrete pavement; sidewalks, paths - tiles and figured paving elements.

Recreation areas and children's playgrounds.

For vehicles - temporary and guest parking, automatic barrier.

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