Price list


The price per square meter is valid from July 20, 2018.


1 room

from 26 000 UAH/m2

2 room

from 25 000 UAH/m2

3 room

from 24 000 UAH/m2


from 30 000 UAH/m2


Buying an apartment in installments

The first installment is from 30% of the cost of the selected building.

The buyer pays the balance for unpaid square meters at the current price, which will be in effect at the company for making the next payment, according to a convenient schedule for the buyer.

Terms of purchase

  1. Booking an apartment

You liked the apartment, you informed your manager about it - the manager will place the reservation for an apartment for 1 day. If you need more time - make out a booking agreement. This agreement allows you to consolidate your apartment for 1 week.

  1. Registration of contracts

The procedure for concluding contracts under the scheme of sale and purchase of property rights:

The right to conclude the Contract of Property Rights is sold by our company through the Commodity Exchange, which provides you with an additional guarantee. Thus, in order to purchase this right, you must complete the Application and a single order for participation in the auction.

You buy the right to conclude a contract of property rights (forward contract) on the property you have chosen, by entering into the Derivative Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Confirmation of the transfer of rights is the signed Derivative Acceptance Transfer Certificate.

Having obtained the right to formalize the Property Rights Contract, you realize it by concluding the Transfer and Acceptance Act (presentation to maturity) of the Forward Contract.

On the basis of the Forward Contract presented for repayment, we sign with you the Contract of purchase and sale of property rights for the property chosen by you.

All the above documents are signed in one day.


It is made on the settlement account of the enterprise by means of bank transfer. If you took installments for payments, then the period and the amount of payments are prescribed in the Purchase and Sale Agreement for property rights. Payment orders with a bank note on the payment are evidence of financial transactions.

  1. Registration of documents on the right of ownership of housing

Based on the technical passport issued by the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) for the property you purchased, final settlements are made (in case of changing the area of ​​the object).

After the final settlement, you are issued a Certificate of 100% performance of obligations under the Contract of Sale of Property Rights, a Technical Passport and a Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of Real Estate is signed.

Based on the above documents and the contract of sale of property rights, you will be able to independently register the ownership of the registration service of Ukraine or any notary.

  1. Service agreement

After all, you have to sign a contract with the service organization and enjoy life in the residential complex "PODIL PLAZA & RESIDENCE".

Advantages of this type of contract

This form of contracts protects the buyer when investing money in primary real estate.

Such contracts clearly detail the property that is acquired, describes the mechanism for making and refunding money, as well as obtaining ownership of the apartment.

Absolutely transparent scheme of acquisition without any hidden fees and commissions.

With this sale scheme, you become the first owner of a property.

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